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Versiunea integrală: Weight Loss And Disease
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This reason I put in last place, not because it is the most unimportant, but rather because and stress, and loss of appetite may be closely linked to health problems. Stress in this case may be both a cause and a consequence of a disorder - such a vicious circle. Vario
us diseases, both explicit and implicit, very often the cause of weight loss.
If your body does not have genetic roots, it is not ruled out such an option, as the disease. With this should definitely understand. People often lose weight, even with a flu or any other infectious disease, because the body refuses to eat. However, there are also more serious cases, such as hormonal disorders, parasites, tumors ...

If you find yourself in weight loss, it is first necessary to find out whether it is due to any disease. Therefore, the loss of appetite, and weight loss will be the right thing to consult your physician.
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